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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Remembrance Of Things Past

A couple of years ago,  with some misgivings, I had to take down a beautiful, mature black walnut tree. I don't like doing these sorts of things, this tree was magnificent, but sadly it was located at the mouth of our driveway. We'd been needing to redo our driveway for years, and the tree was awkwardly positioned, it had to go. This walnut had a stretch of trunk at least forty feet in length that was straight and knot or burl free- perfect for veneer. I investigated selling the tree for veneer, which could fetch a considerable sum, but there was a hitch (there usually is...), veneer companies won't buy trees from an urban location, any errant staples, or god forbid, bullets hidden in the tree can damage the veneer saw blade, costing several thousands of dollars. 
I arranged with my arborist to have the tree removed but beseeched him to have the amazing trunk milled and stickered, so it could be put to some higher use than simply being split for firewood. He was kind enough to give me several planks from this tree for my own use. I contacted our friend Brian Foster of Groundwork, to have him fashion a table from these Bunyan-esque pieces of wood. After a year in the barn and a few weeks in a kiln to further dry these 12' by 18" by 2" planks, Brian created an amazing table now residing under our pergola.

Brian Foster of Groundwork

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  1. Hello Christopher:
    Like you, we do love trees and regard them as the purest form of gardening. How sad it was that this magnificent specimen had to be cut down.

    However, what a triumph that the wood has now been put to such wonderful use. The table will surely be admired by all your guests lucky enough to be entertained at it and will age beautifully as the elements weather it. Perfect!