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my little slice of heaven
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Two Left Feet

I stumbled upon an amazing YouTube video today which caused me to ruminate on one of life's little injustices. As someone who's never been much of a dancer, someone who, when forced to navigate the hardwood, has never mustered much more than what Billy Crystal lampooned as the 'white-boy overbite',  I've been somewhat of a disappointment to my wife. My wife loves to dance, and, due to my lack of zeal in this department, she's been forced into the arms of any available biped with innate rhythm. I've got many good qualities, innate rhythm not among them. One dear old friend, a fabulous 'swing' dancer, has been known to do all sorts of acrobatics with any willing partner, my wife often among their number. She would come off the dance floor glowing in a near rapturous state. Truthfully, I was green with envy, how I'd love to thrill the ladies like Astaire or Kelly! Time has given me some perspective though, our friend, he's just undergone a double knee replacement.

Check out this video of internet phenom Nonstop, 
aka Marquese Scott

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