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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Warmer

We've broken ground on our wood fired oven project! In a previous post, Hot To The Touch,  I told you about our decision to build a wood fired pizza oven and we've made some progress. Martin has excavated and poured a foundation pad, laid the block that will support the components we ordered from Forno Bravo. My wife and I ultimately decided on a design concept which looks like a cairn rather than the peaked roof designs which too closely resembled dog houses. Here's what we're after;
Design inspiration for our oven.

My wife, Wendy, thinking about her new pizza oven.

The sitting wall next to the existing fire pit has been removed.

Excavation for the foundation pad.

Laying the rebar for the foundation pad.
The oven components from Forno Bravo.

Open wide...the mouth of the oven.
We've settled in for a wet weekend, but once things dry out we'll make more progress and I'll post an update by week's end. Just to keep you thinking pizza, check out this Mark Bittman tutorial.

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