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Friday, March 23, 2012


I"m always amazed at the retail experience when I go to an Apple Store. Yesterday I had to go procure a new laptop for my son, a high school senior. He had managed to make it through almost his entire four years of high school with the Mac laptop that we got him in 8th grade. (Thank heavens for Apple Care.)
I went to Apple in Ardmore's Suburban Square, planning on being there as the doors opened, which I did.
Within minutes of my arrival, every member of the numerous blue T-shirt clad staff was busy with a customer, and lines were forming in many places-it was 10:15, only 15 minutes after opening, on an ordinary day.  No wonder they have nearly $100 Billion in cash on there balance sheet, they have not only reinvented personal technology and industrial design, but the retail experience itself. Of course I left with my AMEX feeling somewhat overheated-just the way Steve Jobs would have had it...

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